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FintechBlockchain for Fintech(Financial technologies)

Blockchain is disrupting the financial sector from operations to retail. AI (Artificial intelligence) to augmented reality, fast paced advances in technology are redesigning the financial services landscape, creating not just opportunities, but also challenges for customers, service providers, and regulators. With the global finance being localized and accessible; cross border transaction are becoming the need […]

Blockchain for Ad tech

The evolution of digital advertising is moving forward at a staggering pace. The evolution of technology is directly proportional to the changes which impact the technology. This has been the case from the initial transition of digital advertising from television to the internet space. In the current day and age especially the digital ad world […]

Scala Blockchain Audit service

Necessity of Audit in DLT With the onset of decentralization in technology assurance and accountability are in short supply. Lack of centralization implies there are limited regulatory bodies to enforce and monitor compliance. With new concepts of Blockchain and crypto emerging, the trust ratio parameter is the need of the hour. Audit is one of […]

Blockchain for Big Data

Data is the epicentre of anything and everything in the market irrespective of the industry or sector.Big data a term that refers to a process used where the traditional data mining and handling techniques cannot suffice the meaning, insight and interpretation of the underlying data in compiled from various sources. Data that are unstructured or […]

Blockchain Dapps Development, Integration, and Consulting

Blockchain, a decentralized or a distributed ledger that uses complex cryptography to conceal all and each of the entity block’s identity; with a closed chain of peer to peer network that brings together distributed time-stamping. In recent times it has made its mark in the fin tech sector by offering an immutable and public electronic […]

Blockchain for Entertainment

Media and entertainment has seen its fair share of transformations in the last few decades. Movies, music and television have completely rejuvenated in various aspects from how content is created, produced and distributed. From time to time something new pops up in the radar and changes the way everything works. Take for example with the […]

Blockchain Implication in the Insurance Sector

The insurance sector has always been sceptical and late to adapt to a new technology that pops up on the tech radar and is also possibly the last financial sector that decides to incorporate these technological evolution; with that being said Blockchain is no exception. But it is also important to note that the concept […]