Go which is often referred to as golang is a programming language created at Google in 2009. It is a statically typed language in the tradition of algol and C, with garage collection, limited structural typing, memory safety features and CSP-Style concurrent programming features added. The compiler and other language tools originally developed by Google are all open source and work.

The language was announced in November 2009. It is used in some of Google’s production systems, as well as by other firms

Two major implementations exist:

  •  Google’s Go Compiler “gc”, developed as open-source software It targets various platforms including Linux, iOS, windows various BSD and Unix versions, and also (since 2015) mobile devices (including Smartphone)
  •  A second compiler, gccgo, is a GCC frontend

Golang code style

  •  Indentation, spacing, and other surface-level details of code are automatically standardized by the gofmt tool. golint does additional style checks automatically.
  •  Tools and libraries distributed with Go suggest standard approaches to things like API documentation (godoc), testing (go test), building (go build), package management (go get), and so on.
  •  Go enforces rules that are recommendations in other languages, for example banning cyclic dependencies, unused variables or imports, and implicit type conversions.
  •  The omission of certain features (for example, functional-programming shortcuts like map and Java-style try/finally blocks) tends to encourage a particular explicit, concrete, and imperative programming style.


  •  Statically typed, scalable to large systems (as Java and C++)
  •  Productive and readable, without too many mandatory keywords and repetition “light on the page” like dynamic languages
  •  Doesn’t require IDE integrated development environment, but supporting them well
  •  Support networking and multiprocessing

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