Solidity a contract-oriented and high level language used in implementing smart contracts. It was mainly influenced by Python, C++ and JavaScript. The language is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Solidity is statically typed, supports libraries, inheritance and complex user defined types among most other features. With the help of Solidity it is possible to create contracts for crowd funding or crowdsale, blind auctions, voting, multi-signature wallets and much more.

Solidity integrations

  •  Remix
  •  IntelliJ IDEA Plug-in
  •  Visual studio extension
  •  Package for SublimeText- Solidity language syntax
  •  Etheratom
  •  Atom Solidity Linter
  •  Atom Solium Linter
  •  Solium
  •  Solhint
  •  Visual studio code extension
  •  Emacs Solidity
  •  Vim Solidity
  •  Vim Syntastic
  •  Mix IDE
  •  Ethereum Studio

Solidity Tools

  •  Dapp
  •  Solidity REPL
  •  Solgraph
  •  Evmdis
  •  Doxity

We offer

Remix IDE for Solidity

Remix which earlier was referred to as browser solidity; is an integrated development environment for Solidity Dapp developers and a package of tools to implement an interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. In short, one can write a solidity smart contract, test, debug, deploy and run the Smart contract. The transactions put through this environment can be debugged as default part of the package along with an advanced testing environment. We at serve to fill the void and provide a complete and enhanced experience for Solidity Dapp developers. In short we specialize in

  •  Browser-based Remix IDE
  •  Live assistance
  •  Downloadable Remix IDE
  •  Consulting and Expert intervention

Highlights of Remix IDE

  •  Development of smart contracts with the help of Solidity editor
  •  Debugging smart contract execution
  •  Debugging the on-going transactions
  •  Thoroughly analyze the code to reduce inconsistency
  •  Analyzing the attributes of an previously developed smart contract
  •  Testing environment for Dapp where it can be debugged as well
  •  Redesigned UI providing developers ease of access

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