Find Us at World Blockchain Summit – Singapore

While Singapore is gearing up to witness the biggest world blockchain summit on July 19 and 20, 2018, we are busy building decentralized blockchain applications for our clients. We’re the ones who strike while the iron is hot. Yes, our team will be participating in World Blockchain Summit and you can find us at Stand #6.


Thanks to Singapore Fintech Association (SFA) and ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups Association) for conducting the event which will drive more innovation to the country. Without them, it is not possible.

We’re not here to bore you with the definition of the blockchain. So let’s get straight to the business.

Come and Ride with Us in the Boat of Blockchain

As a pioneer in building blockchain for Fintech, ScalaBlockchain doesn’t stop right there. We’re finding the use cases of blockchain in every sector and identify possibilities in integrating it to the systems to make them efficient. Our findings show blockchain has wide use cases in Agriculture, Healthcare, Telecom, Shipping, Supply chain, Manufacturing, Governance, Ad-tech and Fintech among a few others.

Want to build your own cryptocurrency and to launch an ICO? We have a solution. Want to build blockchain for your E-commerce business? We are ready. Be it blockchain development or smart contract development, we have expertise is developing exactly what you need. We never say no to challenging blockchain projects. We love challenges because it teaches us to be humble at all the times.

With the revolution waiting to happen with blockchain technology, starting it with Singapore is just awesome. We believe blockchain is going to disrupt every business as well as business models and being an early adopter is always an added advantage. Touted as the next big thing after the internet, blockchain already attracted billions from investors around the world. Businesses that think are future-ready are in blockchain space already. There’s no stopping till one comes up with a disruptive blockchain which can truly transform the way we live and to better serve mankind. Integrating blockchain with growing trends such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an awesome idea and we’re already on it.


There’s an invisible hollowness is every industry where many problems are waiting to be solved. Blockchain is the perfect fit which solves the problems effectively and is tamper-proof. The potential of blockchain is truly limitless. In the words of Bruce Lee, “Be like a water” is what we aim to be each and every day. We can perfectly fit in whatever you think of. We have the ability, knowledge, expertise, and commitment to providing customer satisfaction is where our strength relies on.

With people from all around the globe including government officials, IT gurus, blockchain experts, regional businesses, blockchain developers and investors, it is easy getting lost in the crowd. Don’t forget. Stand #6 is where you can find us.

Have questions? We’re waiting to answer you. We’re always available online and during the World Blockchain Summit at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore.

You know where to find us? Don’t you?

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