Why should you adopt Hyperledger Blockchain?

Blockchain will undoubtedly be the next big thing after internet. But, are the companies really care about blockchain? If you’re not living under the rock, you must be getting the latest buzz of blockchain on your social media feed and news. No, it’s not a hype that will fad, but it is already a big thing which will change the business models of tech giants Google, Facebook and Amazon, according to the executive director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf.

Hyperledger is powered by the Linux foundation under the leadership of Brian Behlendorf and is committed to providing open-source blockchain for the development of cross industry blockchain applications. The global collaboration is a community effort by leaders in various industries including IoT, supply chain and Manufacturing.

Why Hyperledger?

Because, it’s open-source backed by strong community of developers who keep on updating the core technology. The web is initially intended to be the decentralized place but the Silicon Valley had other ideas. As a result, we’re living in a society where the user data is being monetized by corporate without the knowledge of the user. This should change and hyperledger is the solution. Due to the increasing concerns of data security, people are realizing the potential of blockchain technology to keep their data in a secure way as it involves no central party.

Blockchain will have a significant impact in online identity and helps us store the data securely in a distributed ledger. Consumers won’t even realize when the financial institutions, government sites and social media start using distributed ledger technology.

Tech giants have no way but to embrace blockchain technology by changing their business models but their dominance will end since the core of blockchain is about decentralization. With the global community effort and with tech giants’ adoption, blockchain will be the mainstream technology within next few years.

Now, the companies are already making smart and bold move towards blockchain tech, here are some of the early adopters of hyperledger blockchain.


To bypass US sanctions and to manage the financial crisis, Iran plans to run their currency Rial on a private blockchain based on Hyperledger platform. This is the first time a country has adopted hyperledger technology and soon many to follow the route of Iran.


FedEx is now one of the 270 members of Hyperledger with its membership. Since the global supply chain has tremendous problems to solve, existing technologies are inefficient to track the logistics and here comes FedEx to make it fast, transparent and efficient. In May this year, CEO of FedEx Fred Smith has commented that the blockchain is the next frontier for global supply chain. Now, that’s a smart move.

When is your organization ready to take a leap towards Hyperledger blockchain?

Scala blockchain is a prominent blockchain developer and consultant working on Hyperledger technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Iroha for over a year now. With strong grasp of open source technologies, our developers have strong expertise in the blockchain core.

Creation of smart contracts, decentralized apps, crypto-exchanges, ICO Audit and STO offering is all what we provide. Are the reasons compelling enough for your organization to start using Hyperledger? When are you going to make the big move towards blockchain?

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