Scala Blockchain collaborations – feat. CareParrot

Here’s to a game-changing collaboration between Scala Blockchain and CareParrot Inc.

Scala Blockchain is ever on the lookout to expand its horizon in the world of Blockchain. While CareParrot Inc. a Wyoming domiciled Company, that builds Smart Health Economy based on Blockchain IoT technology. CareParrot is set to launch the first-ever network protocol exclusively focused on Health, Medical, and Fitness.
A primary initiative CareParrot has launched an open developer community that allows teams small and large to adopt the protocol to build Dapps. This fulfills CareParrot’s promise to not be another centralized platform, as it decentralizes the network to extend equal access to all users through a permissioned Blockchain for Healthcare on a distributed ledger named Core Miner.


Some of the attributes that make CareParrot stand out would be

– A universal global Doctor directory that gives each Medical Professional a unique identity to reduce fraud by malicious actors;
– An appointment system with transparent calendars for easy online e-bookings by users who wish to be patients and receive care to reduce administrative costs;
-A smart distribution that automates case management among Doctors that are overloaded or do not have enough cases and matching based on similar qualities between Doctors and potential patients;
– Encrypted chats in which Doctors and users can communicate directly, or Doctors can chat amongst themselves in private;
– Profiles for users that include unique identities plus multiple wallets to secure CPX cryptocurrency, and their mobile electronic health records;
– An intuitive and smart CareTriage that a user can choose from a broad and ever-growing database of symptoms, conditions, or medication types that reduce;
– Earning cryptocurrency (CPX) for taking actions (gamified experience) to interact with the system.

What to expect?

Scala Blockchain looks forward to adopting CareParrot’s innovative Smart Health protocol to develop apps for our clients on a global scale. Scala Blockchain revolves around world-class Blockchain, Crypto, and ICO services and products.
Our recent endeavors cater to a wide array of industries across Fintech, AdTech, Supply chain, Hospitality, Healthcare, telecom, and few others. Established as a leading global Blockchain firm, Scala Blockchain expertise in
– Blockchain, Dapp and crypto development
– Blockchain integration across various Industries
– ICO, Token creation, profiling, and consultation
– Crypto Exchange and Wallet creation and integration
– Smart contract development and consultation
– Blockchain and ICO Audit services

Scala Blockchain also possess a premiere developer team that would not only merely develop our own apps (like all the other coders in the open developer community), we would be available to offer services to Doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals alike who wish to create healthcare apps on a platform dedicated specifically to health, medical, and fitness. As a result, you can imagine how powerful it’ll be for the fast-growing sector of healthcare to ultimately have their own protocol and united in one universal fabric to improve the lives of millions of users.

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