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Cross border payments simplified with Blockchain

Exchange of currencies for goods and services from a country using one currency to another is complex task. The international trade of export, import and outsourcing entirely depend on fiat currencies. The reason being the adaption of different currencies and exchange rate; Most of many third-party players come in-between to regulate the process and in-turn […]

Cryptocurrencies – Future or Fad

The concept of cryptocurrency has been around for almost a decade now. It has gone through a rough patch though until the recent five years. But the tides have changed now and cryptocurrency is considered as a serious competitor and a potential replacement for the traditional country wise currency system in the years to come. […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Explained

Cryptocurrency market exploded in the year 2017. It was worth half a trillion dollars during Dec 2017. Even people with less knowledge in cryptocurrencies started investing in it as nothing else gave them an overnight return. The process itself of investing in cryptocurrencies is dead simple. However, it might go to zero because the masses […]

Cryptocurrency Wallet – A Beginners Guide

A cryptocurrency wallet is a digital wallet used to store cryptocurrencies. It stores public and private keys which are used while transacting the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency wallets consist of public and private keys. Public keys are like your account number where you can share it with anyone who wants to send you cryptocurrencies. Private keys are like your […]

ERC token standards

ERC ERC or the Ethereum Request for Comments authored by Ethereum community developers in forms of a memorandum describing the behaviour, methods, and research application to work in an Ethereum ecosystem. Often times submitted by peer reviews or simply to convey a new concept or information regarding the tokens, once core developers and community approve of it, the […]

Hot Wallet Vs Cold Wallet Solutions: Which One Do You Need

With cryptocurrencies growing bigger in market capitalization day by day, more people are looking for better solutions to store their coins in crypto wallets. When talking about wallets, it’s easier to get an image of a torn leather wallet which has coupons, dollar bills, old receipts, coins, etc. But a crypto wallet is a simpler […]

Payment Gateway integration with Cryptocurrency in WordPress

Woocommerce being an e-commerce site offers plug-ins that allow traditional currencies in the form of cards or other payment options for their customer. But in recent times with the widespread use and access of the Cryptocurrencies and on popular demand by their customers, they finally decided to go ahead and create a plug-in that allows users […]