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Blockchain in Communications

Communication gap has been drastically reduced over the last few years of internet evolution. We have the advantage of getting in touch with anybody in any corner of the world. Internet allowed many kind of technologies and applications to be built on top of it. One of the most important area which revolutionized was communications. […]

Blockchain in Stock Market

Ever since the creation and existence of the global stock market in the late eighteenth century, global finance and businesses have heavily relied on the market to drive and fund their businesses. With the introduction of technology and internet, has forever changed the stocks market functions. But are we on the verge of a new technological breakthrough […]

Blockchain in Telecom Industry

Nowadays telecom industry has the most complicated operations structure, involving multiple vendors, network providers, vendors, VAS providers, distributors. There are various transparency disputes and trust issues since there multiple entities present. Internal Process Operations such as BSS (Business Support System), OSS (Operation Support System), number portability, roaming, and billing information can be streamlined with the […]

Blockchain revolutionizing the global education system

Global education scenario is very much varied depending on demographic regions. Some core aspects still stay intact, while most of the methods are evolving and adapting technology. Many K-12 schools in various countries have adopted a Global Education Framework that was created for worldwide implementation. Though the curriculum and methods tend to change, the problems […]

Blockchain Weekly Roundup – Week 24 – Baidu’s Quiz App, Korean Banks, Walmart and more

ScalaBlockchain, hereby, presents you the weekly roundup of news and events happened in the blockchain industry in the past week. This gives you an overall idea about what’s happening in the blockchain space and don’t want to miss-out an evolution. People who saw the potential of dot com are now Tech Giants. Blockchain may be […]

Cross border payments simplified with Blockchain

Exchange of currencies for goods and services from a country using one currency to another is complex task. The international trade of export, import and outsourcing entirely depend on fiat currencies. The reason being the adaption of different currencies and exchange rate; Most of many third-party players come in-between to regulate the process and in-turn […]

Energy Grid with Blockchain Integration

The utility sector is an umbrella of services that include Energy, Fuel, Water, and a few other basic necessities. The working and process flow in this sector varies from place to place and country to country. For instance, the electricity payment system in some countries is prepaid wherein users has to pay and use the […]

Eradication of counterfeit drugs

The Healthcare industry is taunted by the widespread existence of counterfeit, expired and unapproved drug. Studies show that the number of people dies each year by consuming these aforementioned and illegal drugs are high. This has baffled experts for years, trying to look for ways in which they can streamline the process and workflow in […]

ERC token standards

ERC ERC or the Ethereum Request for Comments authored by Ethereum community developers in forms of a memorandum describing the behaviour, methods, and research application to work in an Ethereum ecosystem. Often times submitted by peer reviews or simply to convey a new concept or information regarding the tokens, once core developers and community approve of it, the […]

Inventory Management with Blockchain Implementation

Supply chain activities maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Representing a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and deploy supply chains in an efficient and effective way possible. Activities in supply chain cover everything from sourcing, product development, production, and logistics, as well as the info systems needed to […]