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Inventory Management with Blockchain

Inventory management is all about loading, unloading and managing inventory in the warehouse. It seems so simple but it is not. Managing inventory requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and people.  The problems surrounding managing inventory in the warehouse include spoilage (if it is food), dead stock, storage cost, stock-outs, employee errors etc. The […]

Real Estate Real-Time Implementation Of Blockchain

Real estate being an organized and streamlined sector in most countries is controlled by a central authority or a governing body. Real estate would include residential, commercial, natural reserves, government, and public property. Until the recent introduction of technology, all records were maintained in a hard copy. As everything has been digitized now the document, […]

Scala Blockchain collaborations – feat. CareParrot

Here’s to a game-changing collaboration between Scala Blockchain and CareParrot Inc. Scala Blockchain is ever on the lookout to expand its horizon in the world of Blockchain. While CareParrot Inc. a Wyoming domiciled Company, that builds Smart Health Economy based on Blockchain IoT technology. CareParrot is set to launch the first-ever network protocol exclusively focused on Health, Medical, […]

Social networking over blockchain

We’ve all witnessed for last decade and a half, the growth and domination of social networking arena in the online world is nothing short of remarkable. Today it has become an entity in our everyday life be it leisure, communication, business or just killing time. Also in the past we have seen social networks headlining […]

What To Expect When Blockchain Meets Real Estate?

A lot has been going on around blockchain these days, which is the technical platform for all cryptocurrencies out there, on how it’s going to change the face of real estate business. At present, the transactions carried out in the real estate business are double-faced and pricey due to the involvement of middlemen like brokers, […]